ProcCGI for shell script postform handling

Note to self: If you're going to build shell script CGIs, you need ProcCGI. I've been using this thing for years, and it's invaluable. It's a simple C program that will convert postform information into variables that you can access from your shell script. It really is a shell scripter's best friend.

I'm dropping this note here, because every couple years, I start over on a new webhost, or new platform, and forget the name of ProcCGI. As it's invaluable, that's unacceptable! So, hopefully this will help jog my memory, next time.

(And maybe I'll even remember to do " apt-get install build-essential " on Ubuntu first.)

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Reuben J Moore @ReubenJMoore said...

Agree - ProcCGI is simple, elegant, and awesome! (works good with basic auth, and/or the security via obscurity model)