On Crab Claws and Cocaine

An idiot's observations of Miami and Miami Beach:

  1. Just before we moved, we asked somebody for restaurant ideas and they opened their response by saying Miami used to be "known only for crab claws and cocaine." I think this was meant to insult some chapter in the Miami's history, but the phrase amuses me. I've adopted that as my mantra -- whenever somebody asks me what the deal is with Miami, I now explain that it's all about crab claws and cocaine.
  2. There are a million "sushi and ceviche" restaurants. Why this combination? Probably because it's two ways to use raw fish, so perhaps less of their fish goes to waste. My wife and I like this, because I like sushi but not ceviche, and she likes ceviche but not sushi.
  3. There are pretty darn good locals specials during the week in Miami Beach. Can't beat $10 steak night at the Brazilian place.
  4. Dry cleaning/drop-off laundry is really expensive here. I got spoiled in Chicago, where it was actually cheap and affordable. It's now almost cheaper in Miami to just buy new cheap shirts and throw them out after one wear. (Just kidding...for now.)
  5. They aren't kidding about flooding. The sea is going to reclaim Miami someday soon. I can't believe there is anybody here who doesn't believe in global warming. 
  6. When it rains, it doesn't mean that the temperature is going to drop. It's going to be just as sweaty after the rain as it was before.
  7. So far, rainy season means it rains every day, but only for some small or medium part of the time. Meaning there's still a lot of opportunity to get out and walk around, which is great. But when it rains, it really comes down. If you get caught in that rain you are going to get crazy drenched.
  8. Every single grocery store or chain has different prices, and those prices are all over the map. There's still Aldi (and some other chains with low prices, like President Supermarket), but there's also really high end grocers where you can end up paying $10 for a (raw) chicken breast. One really has to pay attention to prices if you want to try to save money at all.
  9. Toll roads as far as the eye can see. Almost like every other highway is a toll road. Why? Because there's no state income tax, I assume. So they have to get the money from us to pay for the roads some how. So you think you're saving money on income taxes but you end up paying it back in user fees instead. And it's effectively a regressive tax, because it probably hits poorer people hardest. Somebody who has to drive to work at a low wage job gets hit a lot harder than somebody like me, who makes more money and works from home, so I can actually choose not to drive on the toll roads most of the time. 

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