Greetings from NOLA!

Greetings from New Orleans! My wife and I are down here for a bit, dog and house sitting for a friend. So far we've seen some great music (Snug Harbor might be my new favorite jazz club), and had fantastic food and drink at too many places to mention, both in the French Quarter and around the Bywater neighborhood we're we are staying.

Pictured above is St. Roch Market, a New Orleans landmark. It's a food hall in a historic building that was long used as a public market.

Hard to say if we'd ever want to live in New Orleans. The service economy here is something else. It's a booze, food and music town. That's a plus. But if you poke a bit beneath the surface, you see the infrastructure problems (and Chicago has some of those as well), and the worry about sea level rise and hurricanes. I loved living in Miami, but sea level rise and hurricanes are a big part of why we don't still live in Miami. So I'm not sure New Orleans is a long term place for us. But the people here are friendly and there's so much great stuff to do. So never say never.

It beats the shit out of Ithaca, that's for sure.

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The North Coast said...

Just enjoy places like New Orleans and Miami as a visitor, while we still have them. We may be the last generation to remember them as they are now. They're both uniquely beautiful and atmospheric places that we hope can be saved as sea levels rise... but I doubt it.