Blog Renaming Time?

So, is it time for me to rename this blog, "Problems with integrated Sprint EVDO on my OQO Model 02"? I've considered doing so, but that name is a bit too long.

I last talked to OQO Support about the issue on July 7th. They've made helpful suggestions all along and I'm grateful for that.

On July 10th I flew to Washington, DC. The EVDO modem was problematic at O'Hare here in Chicago, but worked like a champ the entire time in DC. I just don't get that. Could it be a coverage issue? The reason I think it may not be is that the device is not reporting no service - the Sprint connection manager is reporting no device found. When that happens the computer becomes very laggy, stops responding well, and you pretty much have to give up and turn it off for a while.

Prior to this, I had a Novatel USB EVDO modem for Sprint that didn't ever have this issue.

So today I've written back to OQO again with this and further information. I suggested that there is a hardware issue and asked what needs to be done to have it sent in for service.

It's going to suck being without the OQO for a while, but I need a 100% working device. If the integrated EVDO device just doesn't work well, I'll be disappointed -- that was a big part of why I went with the OQO. I still have my Sprint USB modem, but having that hang out of the bottom of the OQO is no fun.

Amphora Restaurant

Last week, we checked out Amphora Restaurant, a Mediterranean restaurant within walking distance of the Howard transit center. It was really good, and I'd recommend checking it out. We ended up with too much food; both the salad and the flatbread pizza I had were huge. They have a full liquor license, and a large patio.

OQO Update

I'm taking a break from a conference to jot down a quick update on my OQO -- from my OQO.

I'm in a hotel room in Washington, DC, online via the OQO and the built-in Sprint EVDO.

I brought my dock, and a bluetooth mouse and keyboard.

The keyboard is a Think Outside "Stowaway Sierra" folding keyboard that works great. I just got it yesterday on the way out the door, heading toward the airport. As I mentioned, it's works via bluetooth. It's very easy to set up, and it didn't require a driver (though a CD came with drivers on it for various devices). It runs on one AAA battery (included). Don't know how long the battery lasts, too soon to tell. Thankfully, the keys are actually large enough and spread apart far enough that I can type on it without my hands cramping up. (The external keyboard for my previous Sony Vaio UMPC was just too small; caused a lot of pain trying to type). The Sierra comes with a little stand that probably works great for a smart phone, but is worthless for the OQO; it's just not strong enough to hold it up. Oh well. I hope to find a better stand soon.

So, my Sprint woes have been intermittent. The OQO will just seem to lose its mind for no reason once in a while and say that the (integrated) Sprint modem can't be found. It's worked flawlessly here in DC, but flaked out twice while sitting at the airport in Chicago yesterday. I don't know what to make of it.

OQO support has been friendly and helpful, but I'm just not sure what to do next. Keep pounding on it, I guess. It feels like it HAS to be a hardware issue -- my USB Sprint modem occasionally would lose the connection, but the modem device itself would never dissappear from the view of the computer.

Overall, I'm still happy, and today has been a really good day. At the conference, a lot of people have stopped to ask me about the OQO. Everybody assumes it's some sort of PDA at first -- nobody realizes it's a full Windows XP laptop in disguise.

The double capacity battery has been a god send. I got from 9:00 this morning until about 3pm today, with an hour off for lunch, and a few minutes off here and there where I put it into hibernation when I didn't need it. Now I'm back in my hotel room, and I'll leave the double battery to charge, and bring the regular battery along to the next conference session.