RoPa is Open!

Did you know? RoPa is open! It's located in the old Cafe Suron space at 1146 West Pratt. We've been there a couple times now, and loved the food both times. We'll probably write up something more substantial later, but for now, I'll just say: Yum. Go check it out.

And be sure to try the 14 Hands Cabernet, it's quite good.

ETA: Since this post shows up first when Googling for "RoPa Rogers Park," I thought I would be kind and include a link to their website: RoPa Restaurant and Wine Bar.

Morse Theatre

I didn't even know the Morse Theatre had a website until I saw Craig complaining bitterly (and immaturely) that they're linking to him.

From the looks of it, they're going to open around the first of October. I can't wait to check it out. I'm glad to have more stuff in the neighborhood.

Sounds like maybe Craig must have gotten into some pissing match with them, like he did with Morseland. Don't really care, not my fight, and it's Craig's loss.

Poor Dating on Websites

I knew this was bound to happen. United Airlines stock dived the other day, because people don't know how to read web pages properly.

It's not entirely a reader's fault -- I have long noticed that when I search for and find various archived articles all over the web, the web page I'm reading rarely spells out exactly when the article was originally written or published. Even worse, a lot of sites have a stupid bit of Javascript on them somewhere that always says today's date. I don't need a newspaper's website to tell me what today's date is -- it's not a calendar. It needs to tell me what date the article I'm reading, the page I'm looking at, was originally authored.

When I right click on a page and look up the page's info, sometimes it gives me more information, including the original date of publication. Often, it does not. So many websites are database driven, and things like template or sidebar changes make a page count as "updated" today, even though the article is from 2002.

Shame on any newspaper, other periodical, or article-driven website that does not make it clear and easy to determine on what day (and in what year) an article was originally published.