Virgin Mobile Mifi 2200

Anybody else having a hell of a time getting this thing to work with a Mac? I have a pretty new MacBook Air and am having a hell of a time getting it to play nice with my Virgin Mobile Mifi 2200. The Mac times out when connecting, it won't ever get beyond entering the wifi access password. I was able to connect to the Mifi with my phone, and laboriously reconfigure the wifi to not require a password. No luck. Tried again, turned the wifi from 802.11B/G to B only, then it would connect, but I'd have no active connectivity. So I manually set it to channel 2 and then channel 10, no difference there. Manually changed the DNS to Google's Public DNS servers, and then I could resolve DNS. So....what does that mean? It's really a routing/config issue?

After an hour of messing with it, I gave up. Not worth the hassle. I'll use my wife's USB modem instead (if that'll work) and never top-up the Mifi again.

How to get an iTunes Store Refund

There are a lot of bloggers talking up how to get a refund from iTunes. Most of them suggest you click the "report a problem" link in your purchase history. This didn't work for me. Apple never responded, and then the system won't allow you to click the "report a problem" link a second time. To get a response, I had to submit a request manually via this webform. Make sure to include your order # and explain why what you bought isn't working. Be explicit and ask for a refund.

In my case, I had purchased Slingplayer Mobile for iPad, only to find out that it doesn't support my Slingbox -- even though Slingplayer for iPhone supports it -- and the requirements section of the new application is poorly worded, suggesting that it works with a Slingbox Pro, which it does not. (It actually refers to support for a Slingbox Pro HD, not a Slingbox Pro. The app store ratings page for the application is filled with people who ran into the same issue I did.)