Looking for a new apartment

We're looking for an apartment in the East Rogers Park neighborhood if Chicago, preferably a first floor 3bed/2bath that will allow a dog, but we're open to discussing things not exactly matching what we're looking for. Probably looking for June 1 move-in date.

The process is kind of painful, because half of the real estate agents you call don't return your phone calls, and you don't know if it's worth chasing them down or if the listing was just balogna, or if they don't try very hard when it comes to rentals.

Anybody got a big apartment they want to rent to us? Click here, then click on "Send an Email" to contact me.

Have you been to the Oasis?

The Oasis, a neighborhood bar in Rogers Park, is quite close to our home. Kate and I have been stopping over there every once in a while, ever since I moved to to Chicago back in 2006. If they call Starbucks the third place, then I guess the Oasis is the fourth place. Gigi, April, Michelle and everyone else working there are always friendly and eager to chat about local goings on. And now they even have free wi-fi!

They've now got a simple website up and running (with a little help from me) at www.rogersparkoasis.com. Check it out. And if you want to stop by and say hi, it's at 6809 Sheridan Road, at Pratt, in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood.