Hi, I'm Noodles!

This is Noodles. He's staying with us for a while. We're fostering him for PAWS Chicago, giving him a break from life in the shelter. He's a good little guy who wants nothing more than to sleep on your lap. He might take a couple of days to get to know you, but he was sleeping on my lap within an hour of bringing him home, and he'll have no problem warming up to somebody given a bit of time.

If you'd like to learn more about Noodles (aka Borys), hop on over to Kate's adoption blog, the Foster Woof.

Bad Dog Owner

Hey neighbors, watch out for this guy:

His dog killed another dog at Montrose Beach on March 17th, and he ran away instead of dealing with it. If I see him, I'm going to call the cops on him.

More info here and here.

This is a sad situation. And for anybody who would want to say anything about either dog or what somebody should or shouldn't have done differently; that's beside the point. The point is that this guy ran from the scene. And that is flat-out wrong of him.

Update: The guy has been identified as a Chicago police officer. What the hell was this guy thinking, that he could just walk away and that nobody would ever find him again?