Frozen Food from Dollar Tree

Wow, I used to blog a lot more than I do nowadays. I guess Facebook has mostly replaced stuff like personal blogs. Anyway...

My adventures of late have mostly involved trying various things from Family Dollar and Dollar Tree, trying to figure out which things are acceptable to buy from the dollar store, and which ones are not. I'm a huge fan of both Dollar Tree and Family Dollar. Most things are of good quality, but there are always a few things here and there where I end up regretting buying the cheap knock-off dollar store brand. Q-Tips, for example. The cheap ones are pretty awful. Paper towel, kleenex and soap, though -- they're great things to buy at the dollar store. The quality seems very comparable to what you'd buy elsewhere.

And then there's food. Did you know that Dollar Tree has a frozen food section? Like with everything else at Dollar Tree, each frozen item is $1. That includes little pizzas, TV dinners, frozen vegetables, Jamaican patties (which are pretty good), and other random stuff. They've even got frozen salmon filets and tiny little steaks. The salmon appears to be from China -- not doing that -- and the steaks scare me. So while I'm not buying either of those, I did end up buying quite a bit of other stuff, walking out with two bags of frozen foods for under $20.

Yesterday, I tried this PiƱata Beef Enchilda TV dinner for lunch, and it was actually quite good. I'll be sure to pick up a couple more of them the next time I stop in the store.

When it comes to blogging about food from Dollar Tree, I'm apparently late to the game. Here's a review of that TV dinner from "The 99 Cent Chef," a blog I'm now going to be following.

There's also a few different websites out there talking about the $1 frozen steaks. Here's one of my favorites. I think I'll be picking up one of those steaks for Murray for his birthday come this July.