Why www.radparker.com?

So I suppose you're wondering why this site is at www.radparker.com.

Well, truth be told, there really isn't that great of an answer. But, the domain's got a lot of history, being over ten years old. So let's talk about that instead.

This was actually my second website address. I first had parker.com, which I sold to Parker Hannifin circa 1995. I ran parker.com, and then (after the name change) radparker.com as a hobby web host and internet service provider, mostly hosting websites for friends and various businesses. Some of it strange and interesting, some of it strange and not so interesting.

Some of the things I created and/or hosted:

  • A website I designed for a restaurant located in Columbia Heights, MN. I got free pancakes whenever I wanted in exchange for that one.

  • A website I designed for the Artists' Quarter jazz club in St. Paul, MN.

  • A widely used anti-spam filter I created that morphed into the RRSS and later became part of a commercial spam filtering product.

  • A website for an Alpaca farm.

  • A little site now called Pitchfork. It was first hosted here -- back then it was called “Live Wire.”

  • The playlist archive for a radio show I hosted back in 1998.

  • An online 'zine created by a friend called “the noodle.”

  • I hosted the website of a friend who was sued by Microsoft in 1997.

  • This cool site by Chris Gregerson called Phototour of Minneapolis.

  • And many other random things here and there.

I was working as a graphic artist and prepress engineer way back then. That led to a unix administrator position, then a job directing a spam project for a spam filter creator. That happened at the beginning of 2000, and right about that time I divested myself of most of the users of radparker.com and it's been more or less my private vanity domain since then. Haven't had a lot to do with it of late, so here we are.

What does “radparker” mean? We'll have to save that story for another day.

(ETA: This blog content used to be hosted on www.radparker.com, another domain of mine.)

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