PSA: Without funding, CTA fare increases and service cuts are on the way

This is a public service announcement from Chicago Transit Status, and

As part of a contingency plan CTA has proposed in the event their budgetary needs remain unfulfilled due to inadequate funding and no changes made by the legislature, CTA, Metra, and Pace are facing $226 million in shortfalls this year.

CTA's shortfall is at $110 million, and, without that gap being filled, the Yellow Line would be abandoned and the Purple Line Express service discontinued (Purple Line Evanston Shuttle service would remain). Also, dozens of bus routes would be eliminated leading to overcrowding on remaining service (including the Red and Brown Lines), and fares would go as high as $3.25 depending on when you board and how you pay.

Visit to learn more about the service cuts, the fare increases, and the situation that led to this proposal. Then, use the site to contact your legislators ONLINE!

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