Greetings from the Chicago Office

Well, I got the office space situation under control. A couple of false starts later, and I am now with my own office, located right near the corner of Sheridan and Lunt. Great little area, though I have to admit, I prefer Starbucks' hot chocolate to Ennui's. But, Ennui has good food, and the proximity to the office can't be beat.

I got the keys to the office space on Thursday, and have spent much of the time since then moving in furniture and making trips to the hardware store and Ikea. To move some random furniture that wouldn't fit in my car, I rented a hand truck from Clark-Devon Hardware. Worked out perfectly. It had a strap to hold furniture on, and an extra set of wheels to make rolling it the few blocks (through the alleys) pretty easy. Not a bad way to go, and I got a pretty good workout.

For internet, I have a Sprint wireless broadband modem. Latency when connecting to Google-hosted services (Gmail, Blogger, etc.) today has just been awful. Quite a few timeouts and etc. Not sure what I'm going to do about that. I'd hate to have to break down and get DSL or something, when I've already got the Sprint modem.

(ETA: I later broke down and got RCN cable internet.)

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