RoPa is Open!

Did you know? RoPa is open! It's located in the old Cafe Suron space at 1146 West Pratt. We've been there a couple times now, and loved the food both times. We'll probably write up something more substantial later, but for now, I'll just say: Yum. Go check it out.

And be sure to try the 14 Hands Cabernet, it's quite good.

ETA: Since this post shows up first when Googling for "RoPa Rogers Park," I thought I would be kind and include a link to their website: RoPa Restaurant and Wine Bar.


Bill Morton said...

I've got to check that out.

This is the place where Cafe Suron once was ... correct?

Al Iverson said...


Knightridge Overlook said...

I went there the other night. The entrees average about $12-15. I had the chicken skewers which were delicious. They have three different sauces for different entrees, all of which look enticing. I'm definitely going back.

Kristi Logan said...

Sounds good- hubby and I will have to check it out. Thanks for the heads-up!