Best Cab Company to Call?

Hi from Boston, BTW. Kate and I are here to see some sights, eat some seafood, and visit family.

After today's adventure with Flash Cab no-showing and not answering their phone when I called to find out what was up (3 phone calls, each time they answered, then I went into a queue, then it rang about 400 times until I gave up), I'm wondering what a better option is, if I want to pre-arrange a cab to O'Hare from Rogers Park. Anybody have any opinions?

(Kate did finally get hold of somebody at Flash Cab on the fourth try. By that time, it was already 20 minutes past when we needed the cab to be there, and we told them fuggedaboudit. Then we caught a cab on Sheridan in about 30 seconds. Which is perhaps just what we should have done to begin with.)

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wail of ignorance said...

I hope you get some info on this, because I'm trying to figure out the same thing. I found your blog by googling "rogers park taxi." Btw, what's a "dicator"?