Spam from Randolph Wine Cellars

As I mentioned here previously, an email address I gave only to Uncommon Ground ended up in the hands of Randolph Wine Cellars. How Randolph Wine Cellars got hold of my address, how they got hold of this list, I'm still not sure, and I'm continuing to investigate.

But I can tell you, I don't think Uncommon Ground is to blame here. I think they were a victim. I think this was done without their knowledge or consent.

This is a developing story, so I don't yet have all the answers. In the mean time, there are two things you can do:
  1. Read this update from me, over on my SpamResource blog, with more information.
  2. Frequent Uncommon Ground over on Devon and Glenwood. Their food is awesome, it's close by, and I think you'll love the vibe. My girlfriend and I love the place. If you haven't checked it out, I think you really need to. Helen's chicken sandwich is yummy. As is the buffalo skirt steak, pork "t-bone," pumpkin ravioli, and more.
BTW, I'd love to know if anybody else got spam from Randolph Wine Cellars. Please let me know.