Check out this article from about Cash4Gold. According to the site's author, Rob, when you send in gold to sell, they supposedly offer you a low-ball amount for your gold, and only come up to near market value if you complain or ask for the gold back.

The moral of the story is -- if you're going to sell gold or jewelry, have it appraised by somebody other than whom you're selling it to. Don't trust a potential buyer to give you a fair deal. (Something readers of Consumerist should already know. They mentioned Cash4Gold back in October.)

Rob from reports today that Cash4Gold has contacted him, looking to come to some sort of mutually-agreeable resolution that would help hide Rob's article about Cash4Gold from search results.

I thought it would be helpful to include a link to the story here, to help keep this information available in Google search results.


Anonymous said...

Back when I was young and stupid I sold my wedding ring (it had a fairly large diamond) to the first jeweler I visited. I got a tenth of what I paid for it, he said it was chipped. I was so depressed that I didn't even bother with a second opinion. I'm sure I got screwed.

Pat Cannon said...

I loved the other one, where they sent in a load of gold-spray-painted trash and got a check for a dollar.