Village North Theater

Looks like the Village North Theater has closed. I'm torn; it was great to have a set of movie screens so close to home. But, the place was a dive. Here's hoping that it'll be renovated and reopened as a movie theater!


CNB said...

Great photo of the blank marquis, Al. It's sad to see them leave, but you're right - kind of a dive and I always wondered how they were able to pass health inspections. The restrooms were especiallly frightening. On the bright side, the new business coming in should employ some folks for the renovation, and once they're up and running more locals will get work there. It's the inevitiable cycle of Nature, and business is not immune to it.

Glitter Emitter said...

That's so lame. I've been looking all over the Internet for their movie times for tomorrow and none of the links, etc. worked! Thanks for posting this. I would have been looking all night long!