Help My Friends Peter and Ericka?

My friends Peter and Ericka in Minneapolis are struggling under the weight of the sagging economy, and their home is facing foreclosure. I've known Peter long enough and well enough to know that he's not a screw up -- he's not secretly taking donations and using them for drugs or something. He's a hard worker who's been out of work lately. Ericka is disabled. Their home has been significantly modified to make life easier and more comfortable for her. That's the kicker. If they lose their house -- they're not only out the house, but wherever they end up next, they'll have to modify that place for Ericka, and that won't come cheap.

They were actually only about $9k in the hole, and they've already made up some of that through some hard work on Peter's part and through the kindess of friends and strangers. Would you consider donating a few bucks toward helping them save their house? Any amount would help.

Why not take that money you were going to donate to public radio this time around and donate it for this cause instead? The reward is that you're actively helping someobody to keep a roof over their head.

For more information, and a link to donate via Paypal, visit

Thanks for listening, and I'll stand down off my soap box now.

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The North Coast said...

Now HERE are the people who I feel for- people who are losing their homes through no fault of their own, but because of the horrendous layoffs. These are real victims.

But the gov't assistance is not there for people like this... it's only there for putzses who borrowed 7X their income to buy a $500K place with an Option ARM mortgage, or it's there to help the people who designed this mess stay in their $40MM houses in the Hamptons.

I will see if I can send something, but it will be very little, since I just got my hours and pay reduced, and there is a strong likelihood that my company will not survive the year.

I will send what I can. I suggest you put a donation button up on your blog that links to your, or your relative's, Paypal account.

Good luck to these good people. It would be horrible to lose the house when they really have such a small arrears.