It's Office Hunt Time

I'm considering moving my office out of the building where Sonny's is. The owners of that building have been nice, but I either want to move downtown or find something with more light and a more interesting space in the neighborhood.

As I embark upon my investigation, I note a couple of empty spaces nearby.

1. There's a little storefront next to Ennui that looks kind of neat, though I dunno about renting from them, since that's the building where they were questionably renting out a block of apartments to something rehab-related. A lot of that was detailed on Craig Gernhardt's blog, which makes me take it for a grain of salt, so I dunno. That little space has huge windows though and might be great for a one person office.

2. Tom Westgard moved out of his space across the street from Ennui. Anybody know what that would go for? That's a a pretty big space, perhaps more than I need. But it might be nice to be able to have conference space for when my employees come to visit.

I'm investigating some other options out of the neighborhood, and I probably will call about these places just to see if they're within my budget. In the mean time, I wanted to throw this out there to see if anybody in the 'hood has any thoughts. Anyone?

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The North Coast said...

Hi Al,

Have you looked at 7001 N Sheridan, on the ground floor of the courtyard bldg across the street from Ennui?

The floral shop on Sheridan there is gone, and that space might still be available. There are also a couple of smallish storefront spaces in the courtyard at Sheridan & Chase, next to Loyola Park. That's a rather pretty corner.

I've wanted to take you up on your invite for lunch, for I finally have some time, and I'd love to meet you and your wife. Shoot me something in my email at

Good luck on finding a space. As I see more, I'll write with them.