Parking on Pratt and Sheridan?

We rented a car to go out of town last week, as we occasionally do. We returned to Chicago on Monday night, but weren't able to return the car until Tuesday morning, as Enterprise wasn't open in the evening. Yuck, a night of street parking. My least favorite thing about Rogers Park.

That got me thinking -- is it possible to get occasional temporary parking permits for the permit parking in the neighborhood? I don't actually own a car, so I wouldn't be buying a city sticker. If it's allowable to occasionally get a temporary permit, how does one go about doing that?


EdgeVille Buzz said...

If you're in a "zone" you can usually buy temporary 24-hour passes at your alderman's office or downtown at City Hall. I did this frequently when I lived in Lakeview. They're paper passes and come in books of 10 I believe.

ms21 said...

I agree with Hollywood Beach. I live at Pratt & Sheridan, and the parking situation is not ideal. Even with the permit, if you roll around past six or seven in the evening, you will be hard-pressed to find a spot. I usually pick up a 5-pack of visitor's permits each year, I think it's only five or ten bucks. I'm not sure if you can buy visitor's passes unless you are a resident of 'the zone.'