New Video Store?

Looks like Tom Westgard's old office space at (I think) 6970 Sheridan (at Lunt) is going to become a video store, according to the notice of a zoning change request found taped to the window as I walk by it today.

What's a video store? People actually use those nowadays?


The North Coast said...

Yeah, I guess they do, since they still use old-fashioned "boutique" stereo components.

It's the psychology of previous investment. People don't want to admit that the "state of the art" audio-video system they sunk $5000 in and that makes their living room look like a ComEd switching station is markedly inferior to a pair of $49 Logitech 2.1 speakers hooked up to an old desktop computer.

I went mp3 a few months ago and do everything over my laptop, with a 5.1 speaker system hooked up through a soundcard. So I unloaded my old audio system- and sold the Carver TX11a tuner and the Gemini turntable and the preamp and amp, had to give away the CD player.

But people really wanted that turntable and tuner and amp and preamp, and there are still "high end" turntables being made. I saw one in the window of an audio store downtown- it had a thick glass platter and it cost about $3000, if you can believe.

$3000 to play scratchy old vinyl discs on.

Bill Morton said...

A zoning change to offer a video rental service from a storefront that once held a legal consulatation business?

Am I understanding this correctly?

The North Coast said...

Bill, would you actually have to apply for a zoning change for this? I mean, if the space was zoned "retail" to begin with, it wouldn't matter if it was an office or a little store, as long as there were no sanitation issues or other potential physical hazards involved, would it?

I would think it would only need that if it were to become something like a food service business of some sort, or a hair salon or dry cleaning facility, or some other really intense business involving potential hazards.

Bill Morton said...

I visited the storefront and read the zoning change request myself.

I agree, that it should not need a zoning change, but apparently for some reason, it does.

This calls for a little bit of research.