Celebrate New Year's Eve at RoPa

RoPa, located at 1146 W. Pratt is offering New Year's Eve specials as well as their regular menu.  Don't forget to call and make a reservation (773-508-0002). Read about it on the Rogers Park Business Alliance blog.

Grand Victoria Casino, Elgin

Saturday was our first wedding anniversary, and since we were married in Vegas, we decided to adventure out to a casino to celebrate. It was, uh, an adventure.

Yikes: Tribune's New CEO & Freedom of the Press?

Hard to say what's worse: That the Tribune's new CEO Randy Michaels is an ex-shock jock who sounds like he's the embodiment of the bad end of the sophomoric element of morning radio; or that NBC Chicago squashed a pretty straightforward piece on this guy, and nobody's got the balls to give author Steve Rhodes an honest answer as to what happened.

Verizon: FAIL

Well, that was a short adventure. On Wednesday, I stopped into a Verizon Wireless Store and picked up a Mifi 3G pocket router/modem. It's small, it's neat looking, it's easy to configure.

3G vs. 3G: Whose mobile data network is best?

My colleague Matt shared this very detailed article from Telephony Online that breaks down who actually has the best 3G network. It's nice to see some data applied to the question of whose network is better; I trust data more than I trust Luke Wilson.

The Ethics of Content Syndication (or "Theft")

This weekend, while dealing with yet another dillhole who thinks it's kosher to republish content I've authored sans consent, I figured that perhaps it was time to again point out the ethical considerations relating to content syndication and republishing.