Yikes: Tribune's New CEO & Freedom of the Press?

Hard to say what's worse: That the Tribune's new CEO Randy Michaels is an ex-shock jock who sounds like he's the embodiment of the bad end of the sophomoric element of morning radio; or that NBC Chicago squashed a pretty straightforward piece on this guy, and nobody's got the balls to give author Steve Rhodes an honest answer as to what happened.

Good on Steve Rhodes for walking over this. I would have done the same.

Also, when did NBC decide to turn all their TV station websites into mini paid blogs? NBC Chicago's website now looks like a tiny little Salon.com-wannabe, which strikes me as useless. I wonder how much of their traffic is misdirected; people coming to the site to look for info about shows and schedules and news; which is not exactly what the site is nowadays. I wonder what their bounce rate is; I'm guessing "much higher than they would like."

And I wonder how long until NBC starts to realize that the internet is forever.

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