Busy Bee/Late Spring Cleaning

It's been a busy past few days here in Rogers Park.

My wife is in NYC, leaving me behind to fulfill my dreams of....cleaning, I guess. We have too much stuff. A lot of it is old computer parts and old printing/design materials from my designer days, so I've been thinning the herd. The goal is to turn my home office into a den, dump/donate everything we don't need/want, and fill up our storage area in the basement with any of that inbetween stuff, the things we're just not sure we can part with, even though we haven't done anything with any of it in five years. I hit up the local Target to get some plastic boxes and have slowly been filling them up.

On Sunday I planned to take my first box down to the basement. I scoped out where our storage locker was supposed to be, and lo-and-behold, it was entirely packed with somebody else's crap. Not sure who, couldn't tell by locking at it. The locker wasn't labeled, either. I contacted the landlord, who confirmed that the space is ours, and got her permission to displace all the stuff that's currently in there. I did that yesterday, moving stuff to a common area in the basement. Some of the beat up plywood furniture they were hiding down there was hella heavy, so now I'm sore. Ow.

And now I'm realizing that some of the stuff I want to move to the basement is too heavy for me to do it by myself. So, do I hire movers to help me move stuff down flights of stairs? Feels lame, but I'm probably going to have to do it.

I'm still hoping to make our second bedroom, what was my cluttered home office, into a much more appealing den, by the end of the week. Wish me luck.

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