Home Reserve Furniture: I'm happy.

Check out this chair! We ordered it online from Home Reserve furniture. It cost $219, including shipping. It actually came in the box you see to the right and we had to assemble it ourselves.

There were a lot of pieces of strand board to assemble. It's a bit rough around the edges (literally), meaning there was a fair amount of sawdust to clean up when we were all done. It's not very easy to pull the fabric over the finished frame -- that took a lot of grunting and swearing. A few of the bolt and screw holes weren't drilled all the way through, but that was easily enough dealt with.

One lesson I learned (that I wish somebody had told me before purchasing) is that a stripy fabric like this makes it very obvious when you don't have the fabric positioned perfectly. That will be an ongoing project to wiggle bits into exactly the right place, I think. Also, there is NO WAY you could assemble this without a power screwdriver -- it would take about a million years to put all the screws in. With a power screwdriver, assembly took just about two hours.

There are a lot of people asking online if Home Reserve furniture is nice, so allow me to add my voice to the chorus: On day one, after assembly, we're very happy, and I'm already thinking about buying another chair and an ottoman. It's average sized, seems comfortable, and seems entirely as-advertised. It is not as squishy as a big overstuffed chair you'd buy from a furniture store, but you'll still be quite happy with it.

Here's the chair in various stages of assembly.


ms21 said...

Wow, you must be a patient man. Look at all of those loose pieces.

Anonymous said...

Assembling the wood was pretty easy. Getting the fabric on the sides was much harder. I actually couldn't do it -- my wife and her sister got the covers on the arms.