Kate Harding is one of Newcity's Lit 50

Kate Harding Photo: Joe Mazza/BraveLux
Congratulations to my wife Kate Harding who was just listed #47 in Newcity's 2014 Lit 50 in Chicago. Find the whole list here, or click here to jump straight to the page with her entry.

Fun fact: Some people have a thing about the number 47. Including trumpeter Steve Kenny, who randomly ended up as #47 on a poster of jazz musicians that me and another guy put together back in 1999. I helped to configure the print layout and it was probably my pen that happened to assign him number 47 as we labeled all of the musicians. I had no idea that Steve was previously a fan of the number 47 prior to this. My wife and Steve will now have something to talk about if they ever meet.

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