Stuff to Explore in Minneapolis

Here's a few things you might want to check out when you're in Minneapolis. (Got others? Please add them in comments and I will update this post.)
  • The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. A beautiful garden park with outdoor art. Much of it modern/abstract. Is not too huge to rue walking around in. Also has a conservatory, so if it's cold out it's wonderful to go inside and warm up while looking at the greenery. If you walk there from a downtown hotel, you'll go through the beautiful Loring Park and across a walking bridge with a poem on it.
  • The Minneapolis Institute of Arts. A wonderful art museum. Worth a visit. In a neighborhood some consider ghetto, but it's not bad and I used to live right by there.
  • The Walker Art Center. Comparable to the MCA in Chicago. Bigger than the MCA, I think.
  • The Mall of America. You go here because you like shopping and it's cold outside and you need christmas presents. If that's not you, avoid. 
  • The Minehaha Falls are beautiful. There's a restaurant there called Sea Salt that is fantastic. (Expect a line. And save this one only for warmer weather.)
  • Drive or bike down to Nicollet Island and look at the cool homes and row houses. It's very small, so it won't take long. Then drive or pedal over to St. Anthony Main and have a beer at Pracna or Aster. Pracna is the oldest still-open bar in Minneapolis.

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