Hang in there. We need you.

It's a shitty time. Depression falls from the sky more easily than the rain lately.

Please remember that your family needs you, your friends need you, your pets need you. The world needs you (even if you don't realize it). Depression can and will grab at you. Try hard not to let it eat you up whole. Get up out of bed in the morning, walk your dog, shower, brush your teeth, no matter what. Survive and try to even thrive, so that you can help others through this time.

Please don't fall into the trap of thinking the world just became bad now. I don't mean excuse Trump for all his shit. He's human garbage and responsible for so many bad things. I'll never forget that and neither will you. But what I mean that you need to remember that there were bad people doing bad things before Trump too, and you were maybe just luckier that those bad things personally impacted you less. Black people were getting shot by police when Obama was president, too. And remember how quickly we've stopped talking about W's war crimes. I DO NOT mean that this evens everything out, that we shouldn't be mad, that we shouldn't work to improve our country and our world. We should. We must. I'm not saying accept the current state of affairs. But don't become immobilized over what just happened NOW. Survive it so that you can help others survive it. This is important!

And please don't get sucked into doom scrolling. It drives anxiety. Be aware of the news. Keep up with the news. Don't consume it non-stop. Don't consume only the news. It uses up time that you could be spending helping others.

Use the news to inform how you can help. If you can't directly help those affected by the bad shit in the news, look closer to home. In your city/state/neighborhood, there are people that need help. Help them. Volunteer. Deliver. Donate. It can help you feel better and isn't it worth trying to fill your insides with feeling good about helping, to take away from the space being used for the anxiety you're suffering through because of that shitty state of the world.

I know that not everybody has the same ability to survive and/or thrive. Do what you can and keep yourself as powered up as you are able to, so you can help others.

Help somebody today. It'll make two people feel good, you and the person you're helping. That improves the world.

It's poorly written, and I'm sure it doesn't work for everyone, but that's my take.

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