About Me

Hi. I'm Al Iverson.

I've done many varied things in my time. I've created multiple widely-used spam blocking tools. I've worked in radio. I've been a record producer. I am currently the director of privacy and deliverability for an internet company somewhere in the midwest. I work with ISPs, anti-spam groups, and clients, to resolve spam and deliverability issues.

I've been working to stop spam for somewhere around ten years. In 1996, when I talked to people about spam, IF they knew what I was talking about, they thought I was crazy. Few understood why spam need to be dealt with, and even fewer understood what a big problem spam would grow to become. Depending on which numbers you trust, somewhere between 67% and 83% of all email traffic seems to be spam, maybe more, probably not less. Reliable sources tell me that at any given time there's at least 3.3 million (or more) infected computers spewing spam, with another 700,000 or so being discovered or infected every week. This isn't a problem? ISP servers are overwhelmed. People need help to reduce the amount of spam they receive. Companies need guidance on how not to spam. I, like many of my colleagues, will be gainfully employed forever.

I live in Chicago, Illinois, having moved here from Minneapolis in July, 2006. At least, I think I live in Chicago. I travel so much that it's hard to remember sometimes.

My favorite jazz club is the Artists' Quarter, located in St. Paul, MN. I created their website and was the sole maintainer my recent move to Chicago. The site is now in the hands of a capable friend.

I'm a long time unix user and very script/HTML-savvy. I am used to hosting my own sites on my own hardware. A change from my usual practices, this site is hosted with Blogger. Lately, I've been having a lot of fun using both Google Pages and Blogger to host content that I previously would've hand-coded and self hosted. Why? Because I'm busier than I ever have been before, new tools are fun, and Google's tools are fun and time saving.

I write for a half-a-dozen blogs, journals, news sites out there on the 'net. Some of them public, some of them not. In February, 2007, I converted my oldest active domain, radparker.com, into a technology and gadget site. At spamresource.com, I've been posting news and commentary related to spam, since 2001. At dnsbl.com, I do the same, but more specifically covering anti-spam blacklists.

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