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Chicago Journals/Blogs
ChicagoLand Community
Wassup on the El?
Chicago Carless
Looper Photoblog

Scanner Info
Chicago Scanner Club
List of CTA Ten Codes

Joe Moore, 49th Ward Alderman
Broken Heart of 49th Ward
Chicago Police Department

CTA Trip Planner
Google Directions
Chicago El Stations in Google Maps

Chicago Radio Stations
Chicago TV Stations
Village North Movie Listings

Chicago Sun-Times
Chicago Tribune
Chicago Reader

About This Page

I just moved to Chicago in July, 2006. Being new to the city means I have a hell of a time remembering who's in charge of what, where to go for this thing or that thing, and what's going on in town. So, I created this page to help me find the right information, fast. Some of it's important, lots of it isn't. Ah well.

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Great list of Chicago resources!