Designed by Al Iverson

Over the years I’ve done a fair amount of print advertising, website design, interactive media, etc. Mostly simple stuff, as my design goals are (usually) to keep things on the clear and clean side.

Here’s just a few of the things I’ve found online that I designed and/or created over the years, archive courtesy of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

RSL – Relay Stop List. I designed and created the website for this anti-spam blacklist.

PDL – Pan-Am Dynamic List. I created a set of simple graphics around a stop sign motif to help this blacklist maintainer give his website a visual makeover. (circa 2002). As you can see, I use a lot of stop signs when creating graphics for sites whose focus is stopping spam. (circa 2004). I realized this site got lots of traffic, even though I wasn’t doing anything with it. So, I created this simple design template to use as a basis for a new information-based site.

MAPS RSS. I created the design and graphics in 2000 for the anti-spam blacklist I created and brought with me to MAPS. I really loved this design and it was one I wish I had kept for myself.

MAPS – Mail Abuse Prevention System. A simple design I created in 2000. to fit in with the primarily text-based nature of their existing website. A friend generated the 3d @ sign to our specifications. Later variations added stripes (I can’t remember if that was my idea or not; I do like it though) and some really horrible buttons with an awesomely 70s typeface on them. Yuck. (circa 1996). Gosh, transparent GIFs were all the rage then. Also, apparently mixing nineteen fonts on one page was pretty cool, too.

Radparker Radio. A website supporting my radio work in 1998. (circa 2001). Eventually became solely for use of the Artists’ Quarter, since moved to

Artists’ Quarter (from 2006). The current version of the site looks somewhat similar (as of this posting), but I suspect it’ll change eventually, as I’ve handed it off to a very capable friend to continue on with the site, since I moved away from Minnesota.

Fun stuff! Kinda nice to walk down memory lane once in a while, isn’t it?

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