Making the Calls Stop

In June, I got a new phone from RCN. It didn't take long for the phone calls to start. The solicitations started coming within a couple days of hookup.

I've been doing my best to diligently address this problem. Registered the new number with the do-not-call registry. Politely asked callers to add me to their do not call list. For every automated call, I pushed the right button, or called the right number, to get a hold of a human. Waste a couple minutes of their time, as they've done to me. Just to politely let them know I am not interested, and could they please cease calling me?

Most were polite. One place, though, in particular, was not: World Data Systems.

They called repeatedly, and were abusive and rude when I asked them to stop calling. I would cut off their sales pitch, tell them I'm not interested, and they'd say things like, "Not interested in what? HAW HAW HAW" and then they'd hang up.

Then they or some other person would call me again the next day or the day after. Rinse, lather repeat.

The last person from World Data Systems who called me on July 18th called the wrong place at the wrong time. I let her have it. No, I am not interested in taking credit cards, because I do not run a business. I tried to tell your company this on every previous occasion, and yet you keep calling. What exactly does it take to get you to put this number on your do not call list? She just said, "Thank you" and hung up.

A bit of online research revealed various email addresses, contacts at the company. I emailed everyone I could find on July 18th and posed that same question. What exactly does it take to get your company to stop calling me? Nobody responded, but the calls seem to have ceased.

Here's the date and times of the calls, for the record.
7/18 11:08 am from 708-763-0861
7/17 12:56 pm from 708-763-0494
7/15 at 9:04 am from 708-763-0835
7/11 at 3:34 pm from 708-763-0617

Also, for the record, this company is one I will NEVER do business with. I am already put off by unsolicited telemarketing, and the fact that this company's employees are jerks when you try to get them to stop shows them to be unprofessional.

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