Rogers Park: Parking?

Anybody know of any parking spaces available for rent? Near Sheridan and Pratt? We're losing our for-pay parking space at the end of the month. The building we're renting from says they need the spaces for tenants.

I'll probably walk up and down the streets around there making calls over the next few days.

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The North Coast said...

There is a SF home next door to me on Pratt, whose back yard has been turned into a parking lot, and there might be a space available. Someone told me that the spaces rent for $45 a month.

The house is right next door to the courtyard bldg at 1218-1228 W Pratt. It is a huge old brick-and-stone Dutch Colonial. I met the resident once. I would suggest slipping a note under the door with your contact info, because I don't know who to contact otherwise. If you walk around the back, you can see the parking.

July 19, 2008 4:27 PM
Blogger Al Iverson said...

Hey thanks, I appreciate the tip! I will wander over and check it out.

We are thinking we might go crazy and actually get rid of the car, on at least a trial basis. (I can park it at my father's home in Minnesota and let him use it.) But, we're still deciding.

July 19, 2008 5:52 PM
Blogger The North Coast said...

I ditched my car 20 years ago when I moved here from St.Louis, and it's the biggest favor I ever did myself.

I immediately realized savings of over $4000 a year. No more payments. No more repairs and getting mauled by mechanics. No more inspections. No more parking tickets. No more sliding money equal to a month's apartment rent under a plexiglass window to the towyard troll to ransom my car out. No more coming downstairs at 8AM to discover some drunk had peeled off the entire left side in the night. No more verbal duels with car salesmen to get them to drop the price because they marked the thing up 25% the minute they saw a woman walk in the door.

You just learn to live differently. You plan your trips more. For example, I buy the bulk of my groceries, especially large, heavy items such as cat litter, once a month and have them delivered. If you need a car once or twice a month, there are basic car share organizations like I-Go and ZipCars.

The neatest thing is that if you hanker after something really sexy, like a BMW roadster or Porsche or even just a sporty Japanese car, you can rent the thing. You can enjoy cars you could never afford to own.

July 20, 2008 12:43 PM

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