Sullivan's $69 for Two

Thinking I was over my bit o' viral unhappiness the other night, Kate and I wandered downtown to go to the post office and have dinner.

The post office mission was a failure; seriously, nobody there is helpful, and my dreams of easily obtaining a PO Box were dashed. So much for that. After leaving the post office, and walking around a bit to calm down after that awful encounter with stupid people, we pondered what to do for dinner. Steak sounded good (it always does), but it's kind of expensive, and we might have been under-dressed. Wandering around a bit, we walked by Sullivan's. I can't remember if we had ever eaten there before, but I have had a drink in the bar before, and I like the place. Lo and behold, they had a sign outside talking up their "Summer of $69" three-course dinner for two. So, that's what we ended up doing. Ate in the bar, at a table by the window, had a couple of drinks, and we each had a filet mignon. Yum! It was really good, and a good bargain, too.

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Samantha Hensch said...

I love Sullivan's! They've got great's a fun vibe.