New Website!

Yesterday I set up a website for my favorite hot dog stand, the Wiener and Still Champion in Evanston. Why do people charge so much for websites? I just don't see the point, unless there's some big, significant value being added over what you can do on your own, with a few hours of elbow grease. The site is hosted (free) with Blogger. I think it cost, in total, $6, for the first year of the domain registration.

I ended up starting with this "Natural Health" Blogger template -- which I think is pretty funny considering it was going to be for a hot dog stand -- and tweaked it until I ended up with the yellow, orange and red thing you see before you today.

Country-Fried Gyros!

Are you tired of me talking about Wiener and Still Champion yet? No? Good.

Last night Kate and I made our way up to WaSC in Evanston after work, both to meet up with our friends and to sample some of the new goodies on the menu. Our trip was well worth it, we were rewarded with many delicious deep-fried treats.

Hana Restaurant on Sheridan

Hana Restaurant is open! Located in Rogers Park at 6803 Sheridan, in the old Mandarin Restaurant space, they serve delicious Japanese cuisine, including teriyaki and and sushi. I stopped in for lunch today and had the pleasure of being the second customer. I loaded up on sushi rolls: California, Spicy Tuna, and Philadelphia. The kind proprietor also gave me a piece of nagiri to try; I think it was barbecued unagi, and it was delicious. Didn't see that on the menu, but I'll be sure to ask about it next time I stop in. Everything I tried was all very good and I can't wait to go back some time soon for dinner with my wife. I imagine she'll try the teriyaki or tempura, since she's not much of a sushi fan.

Hana Restaurant
6803 N Sheridan Road
Chicago, IL 60626
(773) 338-8815 Phone
(773) 338-8895 Fax
Menu (PDF Format)
Google Maps

Saturday with Copying Files and Crazy Rebooting XP Funtime

I walked up to my office on Saturday to catch up on work (having been out at two conferences the whole week prior), and also to swap some hardware around. All because I really want an iMac.