Country-Fried Gyros!

Are you tired of me talking about Wiener and Still Champion yet? No? Good.

Last night Kate and I made our way up to WaSC in Evanston after work, both to meet up with our friends and to sample some of the new goodies on the menu. Our trip was well worth it, we were rewarded with many delicious deep-fried treats.

Gus welcomes us to Wiener.

Country-fried gyros. It's breaded. It's deep fried. It comes with a delicious cucumber dipping sauce.

Getting up close and personal with the gyros. I was surprised how well the batter flavor works with the gyros meat. It's not incompatible. The only down side is that it's probably about 8,000 calories, and very heavy. Can't imagine eating this every day, but every once in a while? Hell yes.

What the heck is that? It's a Deluxe Dippin' Dog. Underneath the pile of chili and cheddar cheese you'll find a dippin' dog - Gus's trademarked corn-battered all-beef hot dog. It's goooood.

Deep fried chili! It's apparently scoops of chili, battered and deep fried.

 Eating a deep-fried chili ball is like eating a piece of cornbread with chili hidden inside of it. It's really quite good.

(By the way, I suspect I'm obligated to inform you, under the new FTC guidelines, that this delicious food was provided to us free of charge. Don't hold it against me...or Gus.)

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