New Website!

Yesterday I set up a website for my favorite hot dog stand, the Wiener and Still Champion in Evanston. Why do people charge so much for websites? I just don't see the point, unless there's some big, significant value being added over what you can do on your own, with a few hours of elbow grease. The site is hosted (free) with Blogger. I think it cost, in total, $6, for the first year of the domain registration.

I ended up starting with this "Natural Health" Blogger template -- which I think is pretty funny considering it was going to be for a hot dog stand -- and tweaked it until I ended up with the yellow, orange and red thing you see before you today.


Bill Morton said...

This is a great way to utilize Blogger.

Good job, Al!

Huey said...

If they're gonna give free food to anybody who makes 'em a webpage, I predict that, by Christmas, they will have twelve thousand webpages.

Brian McNett said...

I've booked plane tickets just for the dipping dogs and fried pickle chips.

Bill Morton said...

Al, would you be interested in redesigning a blogger site for me?

Please email me with the details.